General terms of delivery

1. Our offers are free in terms of price, quantity, delivery time and delivery option. Orders are only accepted when written order confirmation settles from us.

2. VESTTHERM A/S reserves the right to adjust the accepted prices in the event of price changes, material price increases, changes in labour costs, transport costs, tariffs, state intervention or other circumstances beyond vesttherm a/s’s control. For the quantity of the bilinge is reserved a margin of plus/minus 10 on the specified quants.

3. VESTTHERM A/S reserves full ownership of goods sold until all receivables have been paid. However, the buyer is entitled to
dispose of the goods.

4. The delivery time shall be approximately declared. VESTTHERM A/S accepts no responsibility for any delay caused by strike, lockout, job loss or similar, or as a result of
government measures, transport obstacles, including ice barriers or transport accidents, delayed or defective delivery of timely ordered materials, failure to supply power and related production difficulties, or otherwise other conditions beyond which VESTTHERM A/S cannot reasonably be said to be in control. Cancellation of orders due to
late delivery time cannot be recognised in the absence of a special agreement.

5. VESTTHERM A/S expresses reservations about any misleading information that may be provided in brochures, instructions, drawings, technical data and other specifications and oral technical services. The buyer cannot, in any way, support any right on that material.

6. VESTTHERM A/S reserves the right to make changes to its products without notice when this does not affect quality, performance or appearance. This also applies to products already ordered.

7. Causing damage to a vesttherm a/s supply, VESTTHERM A/S is liable for personal injury on condition that it is documented that the damage is caused by actions or
omissions by VESTTHERM A/S. VESTTHERM A/S has no liability for damage to looser or real estate. VESTTHERM A/S is under no circumstances liable for operating losses, losses or any other indirect loss. In the relang vesttherm A/S may be liable to third parties, the buyer is obliged to indemnate VESTTHERM A/S to the extent that such liability goes beyond the limits set out above. The buyer is obliged to sue in the same court, which hears claims against VESTTHERM A/S for damages allegedly caused by an error in one of VESTTHERM A/S’s supplies.

8. VESTTHERM A/S must have any complaints made within 8 days of the arrival of the goods. Complaints do not justify not complying with the terms of payment.

9. If the payment terms are exceeded, 2 interest shall be calculated per month commenced. Deposits cover the accrued interest.

10. Disputes ing the agreement and the following provisions shall be settled in accordance with the rules of Danish law and by the jurisdiction applicable to VESTTHERM A/S in Denmark.

11. Should any provision of these Terms of Business or any provision within the framework of another agreement be or become invalid, the validity of all other provisions or agreements will not be affected by it.

12. All our suppliers are required to comply with the applicable rules under the REACH Directive (EC 1907/2006) as well as for future updates of the Directive.