VT 3130/31/32 (270 L)


The heat pump utilizes the energy in the air to heat the domestic water and can cover the annual consumption of an average family. It has a tank capacity of 270 liters and can produce up to approx. 950 liters of hot water per 24 hours. The heat pump is energy saving and allows up to 70% of the cost of hot water production to be saved.


Dimensions: H: 1768mm Ø707mm
Weight: 130 – 153 – 175 kg
Voltage/frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz Phase-Neutral-Earth
Connection effect VP: 395 Watt
Output: 1421 Watt
High supplemental heat: 2000 Watts / 230 V
Connection power total: 2395 Watt / 230 V
High-quality protection: Minimum 13 A
Supplement heat thermostat: Set at 65°C. Controlled via display
Refrigerant filling: See type plate
Airflow: Min. / Max. 200 / 300 m3/h
Lufttemperatur: VT3130 / VT3131 / VT3132 Min. -10°C to Max. +35°C
Water container: VT3130 Enamelled, 266 Litres
Water Container: VT3131 Enamelled, 258 Liter
Water container: VT3132 Enamelled, 242 Litres
Work pressure: Max 1MPa / 10 bar
Anode: Magnesium – 5/4″ RG
Water temperature: Adjustable – Max. 62°C
Water capacity: 950 L / 24 t
Idling consumption at 20°C air temperature and 55°C water temperature – measured according to EN16147:2011 20 Watt / 24 t
Water connections:
Cold water: 1″ RG
Hot water: 1″ RG
Condensation: 1/2″ RG
Heat exchanger: 1″ RG
Circulation: 3/4″ RG
Heat exchanger heating surface: VT3131 1.00 m2
Heat exchanger heating surface: VT3132 Bottom 1.5 m2 + top 0.6 m2
Electronic: Yes
Air, inlet / outlet: Top / Top
Channel connection: Ø160 mm
Legionella function: Yes
Model VT3130 VT3131 VT3132
-10°/35° X X X
Electronic control X X X
Top air (in + out) X X X
Without spiral X
1 spiral (1m2) X
2 spiral (1,5m2 + 0,6m2) X
Electric Wand 2000 Watts X X X
Channel connection island160mm X X X
Legionella feature X X X
Solar function X X X
Holiday feature X X X
Boost feature X X X
Anode (magnesium) X X X
Signal anode (optional) X X X
Timer function (optional) X X X
Flange, bottom (standard) X X X
Flange, front (optional) X X X