VT 3160/61/62 (395 L)

The heat pump utilizes the energy in the air to heat the water of use and is able to cover the annual consumption of 2-family houses, for sharing between 2 homes or larger houses. There is a tank capacity of 395 liters and can produce up to about 1400 liters of hot water per 24 hours. The heat pump is energy saving and makes it possible to save up to 70 of the cost of producing hot water.

Dimension: H: 1916 mm Ø: 707 mm
Weight: 152kg
Voltage/frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz Phase-Neutral-Earth
Connection effect VP: 714 Watts
Output: 3290 Watts
High supplemental heat: 2000 Watts / 230 V
Connection power total: 2714 Watts / 230 V
High-quality protection: Minimum 13 A
Supplement heat thermostat: Set at 65°C. Controlled via display
Refrigerant filling: See type plate
Airflow: Min. / Max. 200 / 300 m3/h
Air temperature: VT3160 / VT3161 / VT3162 Min. -10°C to Max. +35°C
Water tank: VT3160 Enamelled, 395 Liters
Water tank: VT3161 Enamelled, 373 Liters
Water tank: VT3162 Enamelled, 367 Liters
Work pressure: Max 1MPa / 10 bar
Anode: Magnesium – 5/4″ RG
Water temperature: Adjustable – Max. 62°C
Water capacity: 1400 L / 24 t
Idling consumption at 20°C air temperature and 55°C water temperature – measured according to En16147:2011 30 Watts / 24 t
Water connections:
Cold water: 1″ RG
Hot water: 1″ RG
Condensation: 1/2″ RG
Heat exchanger: 1″ RG
Circulation: 3/4″ RG
Heat exchanger heating surface: VT3161 1.00 m2
Heat exchanger heating surface: VT3162 Bottom 1.5 m2 + top 0.6 m2
Electronic: Yes
Air, inlet / outlet: Top / Top
Channel connection: Ø160 mm
Legionella function: Yes

Model VT3160 VT3161 VT3162
-10°/35° X X X
Electronic control X X X
Top air (in + out) X X X
Without spiral X
1 spiral X
2 spiral X
Electric Wand 2000 Watts X X X
Channel connection island160mm X X X
Legionella feature X X X
Solar function X X X
Holiday feature X X X
Boost feature X X X
Anode (magnesium) X X X
Signal anode (optional) X X X
Timer function (optional) X X X
Flange, front (standard) X X X