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Heat pumps

More than 40 Years of Experience

Vesttherm is a Danish owned OEM / Private label producer of heat pumps and space heating pumps.

Danish Quality

At Vesttherm, quality is paramount


Consumer and customised solutions

Think Green, Think Vesttherm

Environmentally friendly products with high efficiency

We have

For more than 40 years, we have been producing high-quality products for large parts of Europe. We are known for our high quality, our high flexibility and our ability to produce customized solutions.

Vesttherm’s product range includes consumer-oriented solutions for comfortable indoor climate and hot water in every home.

Everyone at Vesttherm is committed to quality, product development and design. This contributes greatly to our competitiveness.

Product categories

Hot water heat pumps



Return flow heat



Heat pumps for space heating



Hot water heat pumpts with advanced ventilation technology

Our mission

Product range

We develop and manufacture products in the field of domestic hot water pumps, domestic heating pumps and return pumps

Technical data

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Terms of trade

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Professional Advice

Torben Lauridsen

Jack Møller

Ib Christian Christiansen

Operations manager

Dir. +45 20 78 70 25


Marting Bang

Technical and Quality manager

Dir. +45 4178 3299


Kristian Nordby

Technical and Quality coordinator

Dir. +45 6122 0650


Troels Pedersen

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

Dir. +45 2030 1844



Mette Teglgaard Nielsen

Laila Koch

Accounts Receivable Accountant

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